Services that we offer

  • Maintenance and repair of all classic car brands
  • Mechanical services and bodywork
  • Professional rebuilding of carburetors and K-Jetronic units.
  • Professional engine rebuilding, including starter motors, alternators and distributors
  • Car appraisals (by appointment only)
  • MOT certification: annual, import or second-hand, for daily-use cars and classic cars

About our rebuilding services

Our skilled technician can rebuild engines, alternators, distributors, starter motors, carburetors and K-jetronic units. All work is performed in-house in our workshop.

When we rebuild a carburetor, it gets an ultrasonic cleaning, a new rebuild kit, and worn and broken parts are refurbished. The finished carburetor will be adjusted with standard settings or tuned for your specific car. We take the same care rebuilding K-jetronic units.

We rebuild engines back to original factory specifications. We can also rebuild your engine with horsepower and torque upgrades.

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